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E-Coaching for Helping Professionals


Teachers, Counselors, Therapists, Helping Professionals, Parents

What is E-Coaching For Helping Professionals (ECHP)?

Helping professionals, e.g., educators, social workers, therapists, parents...spend so much time supporting others that we ourselves often get depleted or overwhelmed. We carry the weight of our decisions, some doubt about our judgments, get tired of having "to be on" all the time, and seldom have enough rest or outlets for our own frustrations, e.g. dealing with paper work, "bosses"....
We do not get enough support, and it is often easier for us to help others than ourselves.

ECHP provides support for helping professionals: help for the helpers. It provides online personal support groups of similar professionals [with individual coaching from Prof. Seeman] to help with: decision making; feeling drained and alone; resolving conflicts; handling irritations; our clients and colleagues; financial stress; work and relationship difficulties; tips for handling paper work, etc.

Through ECHP, you receive support and personal life coaching
from Howard Seeman, Ph.D.

Howard Seeman
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with ongoing support groups of similar professionals with similar concerns.

All communications are done with complete confidentiality online at your convenience via any-time email (anonymously) sharing with other professionals in small groups of 6 members or less - insuring individual attention.

Prof. Seeman is also available live for individual sessions as a consultant for Personal and Professional Development at his offices in Manhattan and Jersey City. Email him at: [email protected]

See this CNN Article On E-Coaching.

How does ECHP work?

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