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Testimonials about Howard Seeman's Work

"As a mother, educator and writer I had the luck to meet Howard Seeman many years ago. Throughout the ensuing years I had need for suggestions and support in both my professional and personal life and in each and every situation, all significant and challenging, Howard suggested wise and positive strategies . He was able to help me clarify and implement exactly what I needed to and gave me perceptive advice that was right on the money. His insight is astounding and the hands-on tools he has given me through his book, and one on one guidance have taught me to fix, refine, heal and enrich my life and beloved pursuits. Priceless! I cannot applaud his expert abilities enough."

Carmen H. Mason

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"Dr. Seeman has been very helpful to me via his books, articles, talks and especially through his advice in person and on email. He has not only helped me establish more coherent and consistent rules in my classroom but, more importantly, has helped me personally. He is a patient sounding board, an empathetic listener who helps one clarify complex concerns in order to decide the best action regarding, e.g., problems with administration or colleagues. His insights and clarifying skills have enhanced my ability to help both students and the other professors I work with.

He has also helped me to deal with more personal-emotional upsets and work pressures. He is able to be honest, yet extremely gentle, with an easy style that helps one to be more perceptive and open without being threatened. He also has a keen knowledge of psychology, applied not with technique, but with honest self-authenticity, generated from his deep concern for people. In addition, he is also a practical professional whose everyday organizational tips are very useful . He is a gifted helper for those who are in the difficult service of helping others."

Rosalyn Baxandall, Chair, American Studies/Media and Communications, Distinguished Teaching Professor

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"In life there are many obstacles, professional and personal. It is often difficult to find someone to assist you in these various aspects of your life with a non-judgmental attitude, and a sincere attitude to dedicate his time to you to assist you in achieving the most positive outcomes in these areas. I have been fortunate to find my mentor in Professor Howard Seeman, who, luckily for me, is also my uncle. He has directed me on an educational and professional path that has allowed me to reach my career and professional goals and maintain a healthy family life. In my professional life, he always provides me with insights into the difficulties I experience in my work with my clients. At times, as a professional social worker, I meet clients who challenge me and also provoke personal feelings. In working with him, I learned how to overcome my anxiety and work with my clients to better treat their psychological issues. I work in a very large county agency that provides little clinical supervision due to work overload. Therefore, I use him as an indirect supervisor to hone my skills and to develop my career. He is an excellent source of information and guidance both professionally and personally. I feel extremely comfortable leaning on him for assistance no matter the subject."

J. Loiacono, MSW, Outpatient Therapist, Henderson Mental Health Center

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"I have known Professor Howard Seeman since our daughters first attended grade school together. I have four daughters, and that has given him ample opportunity to advise and counsel me on many occasions. He is an outstanding life coach -- both intelligent and someone with only goodness in his heart. He is non-critical and non-judgemental -- and therefore is a person with whom anyone would feel comfortable discussing otherwise uncomfortable areas of child-raising. He is, besides being an ideal parent, a caring and involved, supportive "uncle" of many children who simply adore him, as do my children.

In my book, he is the tops!"

Stephen Wilhelm, Manhattan

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"Howard Seeman has been a treasured colleague and friend for many years. In the 1970s I first admired his work and participated in a group he conducted for mental health professionals in which--under his guidance--we raised and worked on personal/professional dilemmas. In intervening years as a doctoral student and then as a practicing clinical psychologist, I have presented to Prof. Seeman multiple dilemmas drawn from clinical work with clients, colleague relationships, family life and social situations. I have benefited enormously from his skill in paying careful attention, in responding empathically and in asking very useful clarifying questions. His feedback has helped me balance competing claims on my personal and professional time and, thus, he has helped me become a better psychologist as well as a better person.

Prof. Seeman facilitates individual and group learning, live and on line, with a blend of support and challenge that provides safety and encouragement to work on difficult issues. He is a highly ethical professional, an experienced facilitator of learning and an expert manager of groups. I would urge anyone interested in his E-Coaching for Helping Professionals to give it a trial run."

Brenda Byrne, PhD, Margolis Berman Byrne Health Psychology Associates PC

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"I have worked collaboratively with Dr. Seeman in coaching and counseling individuals and couples. Dr. Seeman has many years of experience as a student and professor in human behavior. He brings commitment and compassion to the counseling/coaching relationship. He makes excellent use of his extensive training and experience in utilizing action methods and psychodrama that often speed up the process of clarification, decision making and personal/professional growth. I highly recommend Dr. Seeman as a life coach to individuals and couples wanting assistance with personal, professional and/or parenting issues. Thank you Dr. Seeman for the pleasure of working with you and learning from you."

Glenn T. Olf LCSW, Psychotherapist, Consultant, Life Coach, CA LCS #1302

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"I don't quite know how to express it in words, but you are an excellent teacher. You responded to my concerns and questions in a timely manner. You were supportive and honest in your feedback. Your comments were not 'sugar coated'...I always knew that you truly believed what you were saying."

Lisa Whitcomb, Sunland, California

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"A few words about working with Howard... when I was sick one week, he was more than generous with his time and flexible...; he also responded almost immediately to any questions I might have had .... He was a genuine pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything, Howard!"

Dr. Patricia Palermo, New Jersey

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"This has been a rewarding learning experience, and I feel my professional self esteem has increased so much. Besides, what has made this learning experience inspirational for me is [his] attitude. Dr. Seeman has always listened to us non-judgmentally and respected everyone's feelings, experiences, and opinions. [With Dr. Seeman] I experienced the importance and impact of modeling."

Hsieh Hui Yu, Chiayi, Taiwan

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"Dr. Howard Seeman is approachable and understanding. I am deeply in debt for the magic of Dr. Howard, my ongoing transformation and its impact on the carriers of our future - the kids."

Michelle Peacock, Scottsdale, Arizona

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"It is with pleasure and privilege that I write this endorsement for Prof Howard Seeman. Prof Seeman takes the time and care necessary for each client, and utilizes his years of experience and professionalism to provide his clients with the highest level of care. Professor Seeman is not only knowledgeable but highly sensitive to the needs of his clients. He is committed to working through issues, so that the client is then feeling empowered and able to successfully negotiate relationships with an enhanced approach and new tools to address problems.

As a clinical social worker for the past 25 years, I can attest that Professor Seeman is among those practitioners who exemplify the highest degree of care to and for his clients. I enthusiastically recommend Howard Seeman to clients seeking an experienced, thoughtful, and professional Life-Coach clinician, with absolutely no reservation.

Sherry Fine, LCSW

• • •

"Meeting Dr. Howard Seeman was a fortunate event. He is very understanding and empathetic. Actually, he's the most, emotionally intelligent man… I've ever met in all my 76 years. Dr. Seeman is a wonderful life coach with an instinct for what is just the correct thing for his clients or friends. I highly recommend him as good for adults and children. He helps one realize just what one needs to do to make one's life happier and less burdened with mental anguish. Because of him, I've cultivated new friendships and support in my life. Not only all of that, he makes one laugh with his good humor."

Prof. Daniela Gioseffi, American Book Award winning poet/author

• • •

"I have known Dr Seeman as a friend for almost seven years, meeting over lunch or dinner almost every week. He has responded to my personal relationship problems with my life companion, helped me through the death of my son, and with problems with my daughters always with patience, sound advice and extreme caring. I am confident he brings that same compassionate skill into his profession of life coaching. I also was a student in a course he led on Emotional Intelligence. He got us all involved and did a superb job."

Winthrop Drake Thies, JD, LLM

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