E-Coaching for Helping Professionals     

Application for Membership
in an
E.C.H.P.  Group

  1. To protect your confidentiality, make up a one word "nickname" you will use:

  2. Please describe your professional/helping responsibilities:

  3. Email address: (not available to others)

  4. The date I wish to start is:

As client of this service, I understand that the sole responsibility of this service is to provide guidance, support and encouragement to facilitate personal growth and potential. This process is not intended to be therapy, nor does it focus on examining the past. It provides guidance for effecting resolutions to a client's current situation and better strategies and awareness for the future. It is not responsible for rendering legal, medical, financial, or other professional services.

The client, and only the client, is responsible for what s/he does with this service and its effects, and does not hold Prof. Seeman liable for any direct or indirect results from this service; there can be no warranty of results. Also, the client has the right to participate or not participate as much as s/he wishes. However, in an unusual situation, if Prof. Seeman needs to discontinue this service for a time, he would then refund fees back to the client on a pro-rated basis.

All communications are strictly confidential. Clients never know the identities of other members, unless a member expressly chooses to share his/her information with another. All identifiable information is never sold, traded, or given to any person or organization, or archived. Only confidential nicknames are used and members never know each other's email addresses. All member identities and communications are completely anonymous. The client declares that s/he is at least 18 years old, understands and agrees to the above.


After you have pushed SUBMIT, you will receive an email from Prof. Seeman about how to begin your participation in your ECHP group. Welcome!