Howard Seeman

Howard Seeman
Certified Life-Coach+
Education Consultant


Who advises you the most? You! Learn to do it well!


*This service is not medical, nor psychotherapy. It partners with the client for better navigation of one's personal/professional life.


I do not work with insurance; thus, my fees are very low. I accept cash, check, and PayPal.
(This may be tax-deductible as an education consultant or a business expense.)

All sessions are strictly confidential.

In Person

Jersey City, Newport, Home-Office, or Manhattan Office*, near the 33rd Street PATH station

The first consult (to see if we "fit"): $28 (due before session at Special Payments or by check)
One session: $68 (due at beginning of session)
Two sessions: $128 (due before first session)
Three sessions: $188 (due before first session)
Four sessions: $228 (due before first session)

*To meet Manhattan Office or your own home, add $18.

Via Skype or Google Hangouts

One session: $59 (due at least 3 days before session at Special Payments or by check)
Two sessions: $114 (due before first session)
Three sessions: $165 (due before first session)
Four sessions: $212 (due before first session)

Via Email


"I am a licensed Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and Drama Therapist with thirty-four years of professional experience. For the past fifteen years I have worked as a professor at Central Connecticut State University, where I have supervised and taught more than 300 therapists/counselors in a graduate MFT program.

Throughout these past thirty-five years, I have also had the pleasure, benefit of knowing and working with, and learning from, Prof. Howard Seeman. We have also published and co-presented professionally. Also, on numerous occasions I have sought consultation with him on a variety of clinical and teaching issues. Prof. Seeman has unfailingly offered superb insights to my personal and professional life, drawing on his wealth of experience, keen intellect and sound judgment.

As someone who knows a lot about "helping," I can attest to the value of Prof. Seeman's assistance. If you are a helping professional, e.g., therapist, counselor, teacher, or parent, I recommend him to you; you will find great benefit from his counsel regarding the interface of your personal life with your professional helping concerns."

Prof. Daniel J. Wiener, Ph.D., ABPP, RDT/BCT


+He also has the following training from:

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His work in the fields of emotional-social education is as follows:


Speeches and professional presentations at these local and national conferences:


Publications in education, guidance, counseling, and emotional education



Helped to design and taught these courses:

He is also a national consultant on classroom management and has been teaching Classroom Management Online since September 2000. His book and training video on this subject are used in many school districts across the United States and in over fifteen countries internationally.


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