Prof. Howard Seeman

  1. You start out by telling your present problems/concerns/needs/goals that you would like to work on.
  2. You just write whatever you really feel; any feeling is fine: e.g., angry, worried, hurt, etc.
  3. Or tell me what's you can start to feel less alone with these concerns.
  4. There are no mistakes in writing or doing any of this, at all. There are no wrong feelings, stupid feelings, nor over-reacting concerns.
  5. There is no worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation.... Errors are fine.
  6. All your emails, all your communications are private, at your convenience, and confidential. They are not archived. You can make up a confidential, private "nickname" so no one will know who you are.
  7. For my time and work with you on email:

    • $10 per every 50 words that you write
    • $15 for 75 words
    • $20 for 100 words
    • Or, less expensive: $30 for 200 words

      You can write to me as much or as little as you want.
  8. I will read your emails each time very soon, and REPLY quickly.
  9. I will REPLY IN CAPS, so you can find my REPLIES easily.
  10. There is no fee for my words, no matter how much I write to you.

To try this coaching via email, you will need to invest some money ahead to see how this feels for you: at least $10 (or more), which would give you up to 50 words to try at the start.

The money you send in is put into your account, so you can write short or long emails, till you reach your paid for word-total. You can refill your account any time if you want to write me more.

Want to try this? Go to: SPECIAL PAYMENTS and type into the description: life coaching via email, and enter $10 or $20, or …. There you can pay via Paypal or with your credit card (having a PayPal account is not required).

Then, send me your first email about what you are concerned about. I will then RESPOND soon.

I look forward to working with you.



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