E-Coaching for Helping Professionals

How does ECHP work?

  1. Are you interested in this service? Simply email Prof. Seeman and describe what is currently concerning you personally or professionally. This first consultation is free, and you do not have to give your name.

  2. Then, if you and Prof. Seeman feel that it would be helpful for you to join an ECHP group of similar professionals, you can opt for unlimited email sessions as a member of an ECHP group. Simply select your desired membership duration--one or two months--and click Pay Now below. You will then be redirected to the ECHP Membership Application.

    *ECHP Membership*

    Join for one month: $48

    Join for two months: $89

  3. Besides sharing and working on your concerns with Prof. Seeman and other professionals, we will also read a few short articles and try some personal growth exercises together that I think you will find interesting, useful and even fun to do.

  4. Members of an ECHP group never know each other's real identity or email addresses. They know each other only by each member's chosen "ECHP nickname". They simply communicate with each other and Prof. Seeman using their "nickname" and special password on an any-time member-only confidential online Discussion Site that can only be accessed by ECHP members.

If you know a friend or colleague that may find this service useful, feel free to forward this information.

Questions about ECHP? Email Prof. Seeman at: [email protected]